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Follow the steps to place an Order

  1. Browse through our online collections of fashion and style.

  2. Select your preferred item from the various categories we have.

  3. Click on the items to see sizes, quantities and available colors.

  4. Add any other items you wish to purchase to your cart.

  5. Click on the Cart icon to see your selected item. You can remove items from your cart or make more selection as you please.

  6. Fill out your details as appropriate.  No orders will be processed without a valid contact number, email address and location or postal address.

  7. A message will be sent notifying you of the orders you have placed and processing time.

  8. A message will be  sent to you when your order is sent out for delivery

Payment Methods

  1. Proceed to make payment after you have Reviewed and Placed your order


  2.Payment options include;

  • Cash on delivery

  • Visa, Mastercard & Mobile Money

  • Pay with Short Code *718*25*367# (Mobile Money)

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